We get it.  There are a lot of providers to choose from.  Many of which are very expensive.

Accutrieve can help you grow cost effectively to the point where you can justify the investment for expensive packaging automation technology.

Accutrieve also fills in the gaps left by these large investments - enabling you to automate the rest of your prescription volume.

Packaging automation addresses 50 to 60 percent of your volume for one type of packaging - but what are you doing about the rest?

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  • Fill Any Type of Prescription
  • Retrieve Any Type of Medication Product
  • Increase Throughput
  • Reduce Labor Hours
  • Improve Quality
  • Eliminate Errors
  • Improve Space Utilization
  • Work To Tote
  • Enable One Backend Workflow
  • Become Fast, Accurate and Efficient

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Whether you want to learn more about our:

  • Pharmacy Execution Software
  • Automated Carousel Systems
  • Bingo Card Systems 
  • Consulting Services
  • Other Storage Solutions

Accutrieve has scalable solutions to make your pharmacy operate FASTER, more ACCURATE, and even more EFFICIENT!

Fill More Scripts

Quickly & More Accurately

Reducing Labor Hours

Becoming More Efficient

While Saving Space

Partner with a technology company that delivers results!

We may specialize in PHARMACY, but our technologies readily transfer to your industry as well:

  • Boxed Subscription Services
  • High Value Item Dispensing
  • Controlled / Hazardous Materials
  • Unattended Retailing / Kiosk
  • Warehouse / Pick Pack Ship
  • Kitting / Assembly
  • Manufacturing

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