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  • Constantly increasing costs, impacting profits such as labor and inventory?

  • Experiencing loss of margin due to waste, loss and inefficiencies?

  • Struggling to find good employees or keeping them focused on productive, revenue generating programs

  • Growing in volume but running out of space?
  • Needing to increase volume without a direct increase in operational costs?

  • Searching for new, innovative automation solutions - especially for Bingo Cards?

At Accutrieve, we understand the challenges you face and have created solutions that will change how you do pharmacy

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PS1000 - Door Open - Box (website)

Accutrieve provides breakthrough technologies that are disrupting the pharmacy marketplace.  Our solutions deliver results quickly!

Where would you like to start?

  • Pharmacy Execution Software

  • Automated Carousel Storage and Retrieval Systems

  • Automated Bingo Card Systems

  • Consulting Services

  • Other Solutions

Have you seen the PS1000TM in action yet?  Schedule now to see how this one system can improve your operation and save you time and money today!

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Fill More Scripts

Quickly & More Accurately

Reducing Labor Hours

Becoming More Efficient

While Saving Space

Partner with a technology company that delivers results!

We may specialize in PHARMACY, but our technologies readily transfer to your industry as well:

  • Boxed Subscription Services
  • High Value Item Dispensing
  • Controlled / Hazardous Materials
  • Unattended Retailing / Kiosk
  • Warehouse / Pick Pack Ship
  • Kitting / Assembly
  • Manufacturing

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